The building is located at Sapateiros Street, downtown Lisbon. It has two flats per floor; it doesn’t have a lift and, overall, is poorly kept. During these past decades, some of the Baixa Pombalina’s units were used as office spaces. Recently, these companies have moved away from the city centre but kept using these spaces as archive rooms. The weight of these paper archives overloading and deforming the building´s original timber structure. Furthermore, some of the ground floor’s shops structural components were also demolished. The flat, is on the fourth floor, because of this the floor, ceilings and interior doors were severely deformed. To solve it was essential to reinforce flat’s structure before laying new timber floors and to correct the floor level.
The bedrooms and bathroom were display to face the block courtyard. The castle view and a long balcony are the purpose to put all the social rooms along the street facade. The kitchen was moved also to this area, using a suspended ceiling to run the infrastructures.

What first attracted me towards José Adrião’s work is obviously the beauty of the end product. I was aware of a few projects he had undertaken and the simplicity of the designs caught my attention. Straight lines, high ceilings together with the feeling of vast space and the decluttering of the room allowing your eyes to wander freely. So right from the start I was captivated by the end product and I wanted the same for my house. I had no idea in what I was getting into as it was the first time I called the services of an architect.

So we met at my house and the first contact was perfect. I felt at ease with the ideas explained and how it would all unfold. I could tell there was a passion driving the man’s work! The subsequent meetings in his atelier were well carried out and all details were clearly explained. During the works, the implementation of the project went  smoothly. His team had never worked before with the contractor I hired and all went fine. There was a good follow up of the works in progress and also after, to check that all was to satisfaction. His team was always available and he visited the work site many times personally to make certain I was satisfied.

All in all, it was a great experience! The end product met all my expectations and visitors are amazed by the work. He and his team succeeded in creating a modern space while keeping the architectural roots of the building. I wish I could post pictures to this review to make my point without words! Five stars all around.

François Saint Pierre

Location Rua dos Sapateiros 100, Lisboa, Portugal
Project 2011
Construction 2012
Client Francois Saint Pierre
Gross Floor Area 72 m2
Architecture José Adrião – Principal
Stage 1 João Albuquerque Matos – Project Manager
Structure Engineer ARA – Alves Rodrigues e Associados
Contractor Salvaria
Photography Hugo Santos Silva