José Adrião

José Adrião (Lisbon, 1965). Holds a degree from the Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto (1991), a Masters Degree from the Universidade Politécnica da Catalunha in the Metropolis programme (2002).
Teacher in the Architecture Department at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (since 2001).
2005/2009 was co-director of JA – Jornal Arquitectos.
1996 sets up JAPP Arquitetos with Pedro Pacheco.
2002 creates JAA, José Adrião Arquitetos.
José Adrião Arquitetos’ most relevant awards:
2012 – Vilalva Award by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for the Fanqueiros project, in Lisbon
2012 – FAD Awards 2012 Ephemeral Installations attributed by the jury for the Magnolia project, FAD Opinion Award 2012 for the Interior for the Fanqueiros project
2014 – FAD Awards 2014 Finalist Architecture Award with the Casa da Severa project
2014 – Construir Awards 2014 Best Public Project, Rehabilitation Award.
2014 Commerce and Services Awards, both with Casa da Severa.
2015 National Rehabilitation Award “Best Intervention in the City of Lisbon” and “Best Intervention with Social Impact” with the Casa da Severa project. Application drafted by the Lisbon City Hall.
2015 – BIGMAT2015 PORTUGAL Award, attributed by an international jury to the Casa da Severa.
In 2014, José Adrião received the AICA 2012 Award of the Portuguese Section of the International Association of Critics – attributed by the Secretariat de State for Culture (SEC) and the Millennium BCP Foundation – for the combined architectural projects created.

Ricardo Aboim Inglez

Graduated in architecture from the Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa in 1998.

Carla Gonçalves

2015 – PhD student in Architecture by the Faculdade de Arquitectura in Lisbon.
2014 – Post-graduation on Draft of architectural conservation, restoration and rehabilitation.
2012 – MBA in the area of Urban Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Requalification.
2003 – Holds a degree in Architecture by the Universidade Moderna in Lisbon.
Was a collaborator at several studios in Lisbon and Beijing, China.

João Albuquerque Matos

Coimbra, 1984.
2002-2008 Completed his masters in Architecture at ARCA-EUAC, in Coimbra.
2004  1st Honourable Mention at the “Tulum Museum” Competition, (Tulum, México) integrated in the PUK collective.
2009  5th Place at the “Museu do Tapete de Arraiolos” Competition, (Arraiolos, Portugal), integrated in the PUK collective.
2010 1st Place at the “EUROPAN10 – Entroncamento” Competition, (Entroncamento, Portugal),
2010-2013 – Internship at the Institute of the Portuguese Architects, and employee at José Adrião Arquitectos (Lisbon, Portugal).
2013 – Collaborator at Pip Horne and Shiraze Houshiary Studio, (London, England).
2014 – Collaborator at José Adrião Arquitectos (Lisbon, Portugal).

Ana Grácio

Hold a degree in Architecture by DARQ – Departamento de Arquitetura da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Coimbra  – (2005).
Professional internship (2005) at Baixa, Architecture Studio owned by Pedro Ravara e Nuno Vidigal where she stayed on as an architect (2006 till 2013).
Recently collaborated with architects José Adrião and Pedro Pacheco (2013-2014) and the studio CANRAN (2014 and 2015), and now with José Adrião Arquitetos (2015).

Tiago Mota

Funchal, 1980. Holds a degree on Architecture by the Universidade Moderna of Lisbon, 2004.
Master Degree in Collective Housing by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Madrid, 2010.
Between 2003 and 2009 and since June 2015 is an architect at José Adrião Arquitetos participating in several projects and awarded works.
Since 2010 founds and coordinates the studio ATM – Arquitetura e Design.Since 2011 is a Member of the Board at the Southern Regional Section of the Institute of the Portuguese Architects, responsible for the field of culture.

Paulo Palma

1993 Holds a degree in Architecture by the dade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica of Lisbon.
1990-91 Collaborates with the studio of Architects Manuel Fernandes de Sá and Francisco Barata.
1992-95 Collaborates with the studio Bugio Lda.
1996‐98 Collaborates with the studio PMC Arquitectos Lda
1995‐2001 Forms the company Loja de Engenhos with Architect Filipe Macedo and Designer Alexandra Nobre.
1999‐2001 Studio J.C. Arquitectos Lda – General coordinator
2001‐2005 Collaborates with the studio Miguel Judas ‐ Arquitecto Lda.
2006‐2014 Design Resorts S.A. – General coordinator of the architecture department.
2015-2016 Collaborates with the studio José Adrião Arquitectos as a freelancer.

Tomás Forjaz

Holds a degree in Architecture at the Architecture Department of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa DA/UAL 2007-2010.
Master of Science (M.Sc) at Bradendurgische Technishe Universität BTU Cottbus, Germany, 2010-2012, where he developed projects in 8 European cities, among Tallinn, Lisbon and Tel Aviv, and passing through universities such as UdK Universität der Kunste – Berlin, David Azrieli School of Architecture – Tel Aviv University – Israel, Esculea Técnica Superior de Arquitectura – Universidad de Sevilha – Spain, Fackultät für Architectur – Universität Innsbruck – Austria, among others.
In 2013 he collaborates with the studios HMGB Architekten and Herbert Hussman Architekt in Berlin.
In 2013 is awarded a “Merit Scholarship” – Masters in Architecture” by the UAL – Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.
Between 2014 and 2015 collaborates in several studios in Lisbon: Openbook, Balonas & Menano Concept and Pro Architects.
In 2015 becomes part of the team at JAA José Adrião Arquitectos.

Ana Santos

2014 Represents the Évora University at the International Workshop Paris Fortified Places, organized by the École D’Architecture Paris-Malaquais with the participation of architecture universities INUAV (Veneza), Seville and Paris-Malaquais.
2015 Represents the Évora University at the International Workshop Landscape and Architecture: The Medina of Safi Rehabilitation, organized by the Université Cadi Ayyad – Marrakech with the participation of architecture universities of Rabat, Marrakech e Berkley, (USA).
2015 Finalist of the Student Competition Arqfolium: NOM – Nature Observatory of Monsanto, was part of the team with João Varela and António Pontes.
2015 Completes PhD in Architecture by the Évora University.
2015 Is part of the team at JAA José Adrião Arquitectos.

Cristina Rocha

Course in Techniques and Management of Secretary, Accounting and Finance.
Responsibilities related to areas such as management, planning and contact with clients, suppliers and external multidisciplinary teams.
Has 20 years of experience related to elaboration of public contests and contracts as well as the management of licensing of urban and architect projects in Portugal and abroad.
Started working at JAA in 2015

Ruben Chaves Figueiredo

(Lisbon, 1987)

2009 Degree in Planning Geography, Universidade do Minho.
2012 Degree in Architecture Sciences, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.
2013 Erasmus Programme, Politecnico di Milano.
2015 Master Degree in Architecture, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.
2015-2016 Internship at the office Studio Prototype Architects, in Amsterdam.
2016-2017 Collaborates in the studio Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados, in Lisbon.
2017 Joins the JAA José Adrião Arquitetos’s  team.

Carolina Calmon

2008-2014 Degree in Arquitecture and Urbanism at the AEC – Escola da Cidade, in São Paulo, Brasil.
2010, 2011, 2014 Represents the AEC – Escola da Cidade at the V, VI e VIV International Workshop of Urban Planing – Housing in the contemporary city.
2011 Collaborator at Sandra Sayeg Tranchesi Arquitectur studio, in São Paulo, Brasil.
2011 Represents the AEC – Escola da Cidade in the XXV Cartagena´s International Workshop, in Colômbia, organized by Universidad de Los Andes.
2012 Erasmus Exchange program at the ETSAV – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona, Spain.
2012 Erasmus Exchange program at the DA/UAL – Universidade Autônoma de Lisboa, Portugal.
2013 Collaborator in Francisco Aires Mateus studio, in Lisbon, Portugal
2014 Collaborator in AMZ Arquitetos studio, in São Paulo, Brasil.
2015 Collaborator in ASPA Arquitectos studio, in Lisbon, Portugal.
2016 Becomes part of the team at JAA José Adrião Arquitectos, Lisbon, Portugal.

Catarina Croft
Diogo Henriques
Duarte Caldas
Gonçalo Ponces
Hugo Santos Silva
Luis Valente
Margarida Lameiro

Margarida Pereira
Margarida Roque Farinha
Maria Castilho
Maria Pais de Sousa
Miguel Castro

Paulo Palma
Rui Didier
Rute Figueiredo
Sara Jardim
Tatiana Mourisca
Tiago Ferreira
Tiago Mota
Tiago Pereira
Valentin Tabareu
Vesna Mihelj