Pink Street

In December 2011 Nova do Carvalho Street [Rua Nova do Carvalho] in Cais do Sodré was painted in pink colour. The gesture of painting a street in pink synthesizes in a very pragmatic and effective way the need for change. It created a dynamic public space, inclusive, opened and multifunctional which enables access to one of the most precious values of our time: information. At Pink Street one produces, shares and consumes culture.
The colour announced a change of which a significant number of people adhere. Nova do Carvalho Street at Cais do Sodré was named Pink Street.
The proposal aims to strengthen the character established with the previous intervention, giving ot continuity and permanency.
The proposal consists of levelling the sidewalk with the road so as to turn the existing space in a public space without continuous barriers. Along the street 8 MUPIS are assembled, which can be used for exhibitions (individual/collectives, night/day) or simple to advertise for events taking place. The 8 MUPIS can be used as well as street lamps, in case they information/exhibition contained apart from light. These lamps may change its tonality according to the character of the event they are associated with.

Location Rua Nova do Carvalho, Cais do Sodré, Lisboa, Portugal
Project 2012
Construction 2013
Client ACS – Associação Cais do Sodré
Gross Floor Area 1 391,70 m2
Architecture José Adrião – Principal
Stage 1 João Albuquerque Matos – Project Manager
Carla Gonçalves, Ricardo Aboim Inglez, Tiago Pereira
Stage 2 Hugo Santos Silva – Project Manager
Carla Gonçalves, Ricardo Aboim Inglez, Tiago Pereira
Services Engineer (sewage) ACRIBIA
Photography FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

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