Urban Park Cruz Montalvão

Competition: Second Place

The primary function of an urban park is to deliver a qualitative improvement of the environment of a city. Promoting the diversity of the flora and fauna, the maintenance of the properties of drainage and permeability of the soils, its fertility, noise control and air flows. It also should enable its citizens to have direct contact with natural areas in an accessible and free manner to provide wellbeing.
CONNECTION NORTH AREA – SOUTH AREA With the construction of the Cruz do Montalvão Urban Park, arises the possibility of reintroducing a continuity of the natural systems and the creation of pedestrian trails between the several Parks transforming it into a single one. We propose the construction of a viaduct with an inferior passage to the Avenida do Empresário that takes advantage of the existing differences in level that will enable the passage of the pedestrian trails, waterlines and drainage and the continuity of the Park’s natural system (Flora/Fauna).
WOODS / CLEARING This proposal includes the creation of a dense area with shrubs and trees in the new Park’s perimeter. The aim is to create a strong interior area inside the Park as well as to create a filter regarding the several existing streets. The shrub edge clearly defines four clearings of different dimensions throughout the Park enabling the diversity of environments as well as distinct programming uses.
TRACK 1.500 METRES Between the woods and the clearings, we propose a continuous track 1.500 metres long that covers all the area of the Park. This track has a width of 3,5m that enables its use by pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and roller skaters, and the passage of emergency and Park services vehicles. We thought the continuous track should have an easily understood distance unity (1.500m) for the usage of physical maintenance activities thus making it clear the kilometres traced in their activities. This track has a continuous concrete pavement to enable running and walking as well as skates and roller skates.
THE PARK’S MULTIPURPOSE HALL AND PAVILIONS In an elevated area, facing north and the city’s Castle, the Outdoor Amphitheatre of the Park is set. It fits in the existing topography taking advantage of the stage’s exposure to the north. The Park’s Pavilions are located in continuity of the existing buildings facing west thus completing the urban fabric. For this whole area, we propose all the Park’s constructed functions freeing the remaining area (except the Trail/Track) for permeable surfaces. The Park’s Pavilions are three independent buildings that communicate among themselves. Each building has a specific function: Pavilion 01 – Multipurpose Hall; Pavilion 02 – Cafeteria; Pavilion 03 – Park Sanitary Facilities, Amphitheatre Dressing Rooms, Park Storage Room.

LOCATION Castelo Branco, Portugal
CLIENT Câmara Municipal Castelo Branco
Área de Construção 1 391,70 m2
Ana Grácio, Ana Isabel Santos, Carla Gonçalves, João Albuquerque Matos, Ricardo Aboim Inglez, Tiago Mota, Tomás Forjaz
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Haha Arquitectura Paisagista
Manuel Cordeiro, Mariana Andrade, Nuno Pires Figueiras
STABILITY Ara – Alves Rodrigues e Associados
SPECIALTIES Pensamento Sustentável

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