Casal do Pinto

The intervention area of the Master Plan of Casal do Pinto integrates part of the urban area that belongs to Bairro da Picheleira, which was once held farms and villas with a valley area belonging to the Quinta da Conceição de Cima with vegetable gardens.
The Plan’s main aim was the urban requalification by supplying the integrating urban fabric of the intervention area and by introducing qualified public spaces that will be gathering points between the diverse surrounding “quarters/nucleus” thus granting it a strong sense of identity.
The identification of the intervention’s structural elements is a fundamental issue on the approach to the plan design: the square, a quarter, the lane/Portuguese sidewalk, a park.

Praça da Picheleira – A centrality place that enables to converge the quarter’s main collective activities, a place to meet, stay, for leisure and contemplation.
The quarter – The Plan’s structural option is a strategy of continuity and revalue of Bairro da Picheleira’s identity. It introduces new characteristics and reinforces the pre-existing ones.
The block with a large interior permeable patio, the small dimension lot that was constructed, the low height limit: a ground floor and two more floors, wide reforested sildewalks, a balanced pedestrian path system with cycle routes and slow traffic, a parking space throughout the main roads as well as the improvement of the view with the valley and the river landscape.
The new streets’ design is based on the continuity with the existing road layouts seeking to reintegrate the sightlines. The plan establishes the continuity of the block seeking to fill the existing ones as well as generating new ones.
The lane/Portuguese sidewalk panoramic view – is based on a pre-existing system of narrow roads that have come to loose their autonomy and visibility as the city grows. The corral lane’s redesign is vital and has the aim to revalue the cultural identity of Casal do Pinto’s place.
Park of Quinta da Conceição seeks to reinforce landscape character of Chelas by revitalyzing the valley’s structure to join recreation and leisure activities with vegetable production activities. The valley will function as strong connection link and of centrality between several places of the Picheleira quarter and also as an important environmental regulator, a biodiversity support.

Urbanism and Coordination José Adrião e Pedro Pacheco, arquitectos;
Ana Grácio – Project Manager
João Paulo
Project 2012
Landscape Architecture NPK, arquitectos paisagistas associados
Engineers AfaConsult
Jurist Fernanda Paula Oliveira
Stategic Environment Evaluation Proman – Centro de Estudos e Projectos, SA.

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