Loures Centro

Loures Centre – Define a centrality in Loures from its major commercial axis, Rua da República.
One-way streets – Create a system of several one-way streets enabling the increase of sidewalks and creations of living spaces in order to grant a better quality of public spaces to this urban centre.
Commercial Centre – Implement a local commerce network that will create a clear image of LOURES CENTRO for the inhabitants. Transmit the wealth and diversity of local commerce as a true value. Create a brand image.
Vegetables – Define the city of Loures as a centre of produce of quality vegetables and exceptional of the saloia region. Promote the develpmento of bio-markets.
Green Structure – Articulate two vital areas of the Municipal Ecological Structure: to the west Jardim Major Rosa Bastos and to the east Parque da Cidade through the city’s primary route. This continuity is promoted whenever possible through afforested routes, recurring to plantation of trees in alignment or punctually in centre areas through unique plantations in squares and largos.
Public Space – Plant fruit trees – orange trees, mulberry tree, romãzeiras, cherry trees, olive trees – in the public space in order to create shadow areas for esplanades and living areas. Recover the rural identitity promoting it as culture and convert LOURES CENTRO into a didactic and leisure area.
Market Ground– Define a new Multiuse space in the Mercado Municipal’s parking space. This new ground has a large free and available area in the interior and its perimeter where large tree will be planted.
The market space should be functioning with the mounting of the structures of the stands and awnings. Thus, it will be necessary to develop a design of modules that can be mounted and dismounted. This design should be defined with the Câmara Municipal de Loures.
Emergency route – an emergency route is built in Rua da República with a width of 2,00 metres so as to enable the passage of fire engines in the direction east-west on the Avenida da República in case of accident on the A8 / IC1. For the implementation of this emergengy route it is necessary to reinforce the pavement base and the sidewalk’s pavement thickness to avoid damages when the fire engines pass.

Location Loures
Project 2015
Client Câmara Municipal de Loures
Architeture José Adrião Arquitetos – Principal
Stage 1 João Albuquerque Matos – Project Manager
Gonçalo Ponces, Tomás Forjaz
Stage 2 Ana Grácio – Project Manager
Ana Isabel Santos, João Albuquerque Matos, Ricardo Aboim Inglez, Tomás Forjaz
Landscape Architeture NPK
Traffic Engineer TIS
Graphic Design Fanq! Crossmedia
Photography existing Hugo Santos Silva
Photography concluded Nuno Almendra, moviedrone
3d Images Hugo José Adrião Arquitectos

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