Soundtrack aims to discover the sense of urban landscape and public space based on an audio-visual EXPERIENCE. Similar to films by Tarkovsky or Antonioni where the narrative is “weak” based on improvistation that creates an intentional distance between the image and the story thus weakening the narrative’s logic, creating an associative plane of images which strong personal interpretations.

This may happen in the city applying subtle strategies without changing the public space that suggest a fresh look, diffuse, involved, so that the viewer is no longer an exterior element of the narrative event (in this case the city’s audio-visual experience), and becomes a participant, accepting a moral responsibility in the progression of events.

Therefore an auditorium of silence is constructed where anybody may observe the city and listen to one’s conscience, or more specifically the sound of one’s heart becoming the heart of this place. Inside, one may foresee the exhibition of a silent film with an original soundtrack played live. Outside, nothing is annouced. Surprise exists in both spaces: life and what it is composed by and it’s this perplexity that triggers the creative process of ownership of a place.

“Aqui nasceu Portugal” – How can an urban intervention happen in Guimarães that an opening to the world appears for reality, which enables each person to create another world (their reality) based on it and not in spite of it? How does one redraw affective connections with the surrounding world?

Diogo Teixeira

Location Guimarães
Project 2012
Project Expoente/A Cidade e as Terras
Client  Guimarães 2012 Capital Europeia da Cultura
Concept e artistic direction Diogo Teixeira
Instalation Design Diogo Teixeira and José Adrião Arquitetos
Tecnical Consulting Plux Wireless Biosignals
Production A Oficina

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