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Marquês de Abrantes

The project aimed at the rehabilitation of two apartments in a building with one apartment per floor, each with an area of 270 m2. The apartments are located on the first and second floors, and the intervention was identical in both.

Like many buildings in Lisbon, especially those from the late nineteenth century, the design of the apartments favored the common typology, where the social spaces were related to the street facade and the private and service spaces were situated on the secondary facade.

This building, dating back to 1889, followed the same rule.

In its original design, the apartments were arranged with the social area to the north and the bedrooms facing the Santos garden and the Tejo river. One of the first issues to address was the intention to change this existing condition.

The project proposed reversing the typology so that the social areas could fully enjoy the view and the existing balcony space along the entire length of the south-facing secondary facade.

The apartments, with excellent construction features and finishes, presented several qualities that, since their origin, had been annulled by successive alterations.

One of the most relevant qualities that the project aimed to restore was the alignment of the interior openings with the six openings of the two opposite facades, which enabled light and ventilation to the entire the house.

The survey work was exhaustive. We strived to determine the heights of the original interior openings, which had been lowered in previous interventions, the composition of the walls, floors, and ceilings was verified, the stuccos were surveyed to detect the existence of frescoes or mural paintings, openings that had been closed were reopened, etc.

The intervention interpreted the data and information from the pre-existing conditions, and the spatial redesign was defined based on them.


Location  Calçada Marquês de Abrantes, Lisboa

Project  2023

Client Privado

Gross Floor Area  270 m2

Architecture  José Adrião – principal

Gonçalo Diniz  project manager 1st phase

Ana Grácio

Hugo Falcão  project manager 2nd phase

Structural and Services Engineer  360 Eng

Architectural Survey  Pedro José

Heritage Survey  Elvira Barbosa

Acoustic Measurements  360 Eng

Quantity Survey  Perfectus

Contractor  Gandara

Existing Photography  Nuno Almendra

Concluded Project Photography  Francisco Nogueira

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