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Campo de Ourique

This apartment is situated on the last floor of a four floor building, without an elevator, and a “left /right” typology.
The intervention is based on two fundamental points: firstly, the opportunity to take full advantage of the possibility of opening the apartment to the loft, to gain more space and volume and second be a project of low price . Then it was decided to demolish some of the walls and roofs, in order to increase space and create a link between the kitchen and living room. As a result, a direct relation is achieved with the two southern windows.
With the opening of the loft, it is possible to construct a mezzanine upon the living room for work area and guest room.
The new areas such as mezzanine, kitchen and sanitary installations were of higher elevation in relation to the original floor due to functional reasons. In addition, hydraulic mosaic was used as a coating. Each of these hydraulic mosaic floors have a specific design which characterizes and distinguishes the different areas.

“ The relationship between architect and client was one of planning that was ongoing, the project was the essential phase in which the work is supported and where the exchange of ideas contributed for a combined solution. The unchangeable objective was to execute a low budget work.
I did not contribute in the choice of materials, trusting in the architects’ choice although in the end I completely agreed. I let myself be surprised which I believe is the good thing of a client and an author: to bring real solutions to something that is not only a vision.
During the work the level of professionalism of José Adrião Arquitectos was exemplary, always present and ready to solve problems that arise in any site.
These last 7 years my house is the space I’ve always wanted, very cozy, very balanced between spatial and functional aesthetics.
José Adrião Arquitectos has the knowledge to think and project space and knows how to make the space belong to us.
I recommend that you construct and live in a space created by this studio.”


José Luiz

Location Rua Coelho da Rocha, 23, Lisboa, Portugal
Project 2006
Construction 2010 – 2011
Client José Luis
Gross Floor Area 82 m2
Architecture José Adrião – Principal
Luís Valente – Project Manager
Carla Gonçalves, Rui Didier, Tiago Mota
Structure Engineer Ara – Alves Rodrigues e Associados
Fernando Rodrigues
Services Engineer Acribia
José Andrade, Paulo Rodrigues
Photography Enric Vives-Rubio

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